Last Updated: 03/30/2023

    Privacy Policy

    We're committed to providing transparent information about how your data is processed at Arigo. Don't hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to our legal team.


    We're Arigo, ("we", "us", "our", "Arigo", "*", "platform"). Here we'll cover what data we collect when you utilize or visit our services.

    When you create an account via Arigo, we automatically collect and store the information listed below. Note that we do not sell your data or personal information. Furthermore, data is not knowingly collected for users under the age of 13, and we strictly prohibit those under the age of 13 to use our services.

    Data Collection

    Below you're able to see all data collected and stored on users.

    TermUsageCollected By
    Discord User IDThis is used to store all your data under the correct account.Discord OAuth
    Discord Username & DiscriminatorThis is collected for user experience purposes and displayed around the platform. Additionally, this is used for support through Intercom.Discord OAuth
    Discord AvatarThis is collected for user experience purposes and displayed around the platform. Additionally, this is used for support through Intercom.Discord OAuth
    EmailWe collect emails to provide account/promotional notifications and for billing purposes. All promotional emails can be unsubscribed from by contacting us or through the "Unsubscribe" button on promotional emails.Discord OAuth
    Access TokenThis is how we authenticate your account with Discord.Discord OAuth
    Refresh TokenThis is how we reauthenticate your account with Discord once your access token expires.Discord OAuth
    Registered DateThis gives us insight into when you registered to the platform and helps us provide better overall support.Arigo
    Support AccessThis is used to regulate the access to our Intercom live-chat messenger and reduce abuseArigo
    Customer StatusThis stores whether or not the user is a paying customer so we’re able to show certain elements on workspaces and pass this value to Intercom for better support quality.Arigo
    Suspension StatusThis is used to ensure that suspended users cannot access our platform.Arigo

    Third Parties

    Arigo uses a few third parties to help manage our growing platform.

    CompanyDescriptionRelevant Policies
    StripeArigo utilizes Stripe for payment processing & subscription management. Stripe does not store cookies on Arigo.
    IntercomIntercom is used for a variety of reasons, providing customer support, marketing/promotional messages, and onboarding. Intercom may store cookies on Arigo (*
    Vercel (Analytics)We utilize Vercel Analytics to allow our team to get a better picture of the usage levels of our platform and for targeted marketing campaigns. Vercel may store cookies on Arigo (*

    Data Storage

    We store all user, bot, and workspace data on Supabase within the United States. Although, all bots are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine.

    Arigo may store a Session ID via cookie on *, this is how we can mitigate users having to constantly login. You should never modify this value or provide someone with this value, Team Arigo will never ask for your Session ID.

    User-Provided Content

    We may store any content you add/upload/submit/save to our platform, this includes any settings for your workspace, waitlist information, etc. As a general rule of thumb, please assume that all data you provide us will be collected and stored.

    Data Rights

    Your data is yours, and you can control it. You're able to perform any of the following actions by emailing us.

    Emails & Notifications

    Arigo is committed to respecting your inbox, we only send out a few promotional/marketing emails per month, max. You're always able to unsubscribe from these emails using the link in the footer of the email.

    Note, however, Arigo may send more frequent service emails that you cannot unsubscribe from. These are system notifications to notify you of certain events that have occurred within your workspace or to send you platform-related updates.

    Wrapping Up

    We truly value privacy and are thankful for the trust our users have in our service. We're always happy to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to ever reach out.