Last Updated: 03/28/2023

    Use Restrictions

    We're committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all, which is why we uphold this policy. Don't hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to our legal team. This policy is made with a hand from Basecamp.

    Having a welcoming and safe environment is at the center of our beliefs, which is why we strictly require all users to abide by this policy; violations of this policy may result in account termination. Arigo does not permit the following:

    • Violence, or threats thereof

      If an activity qualifies as violent crime in the United States or where you live, you may not use Arigo products to plan, perpetrate, or threaten that activity.
    • Child exploitation, sexualization, or abuse

      We don't tolerate any activities that create, disseminate, or otherwise cause child abuse.
    • Hate speech

      You cannot use our products to advocate for the extermination, domination, or oppression of people.
    • Harassment

      Intimidating or targeting people or groups through repeated communication, including using racial slurs or dehumanizing language, is not welcome at Arigo.
    • Doxing

      We do not permit using Arigo products to share other peoples' private personal information for the purposes of harassment.
    • Competitors

      For the purpose of maintaining an original platform, we do not permit competitors to utilize our platform. By default, we'll usually suspend all competitors, and we do so in a civil manner. The term "competitors" is quite complex, though if you're making a similar service to Arigo, we deem you a competitor. We permit certain competitors to utilize our platform, and you'll receive an email from us that can be revoked at any time. Competitors can request access to our platform by emailing us.
    • Circumvention

      Attempting to bypass an Arigo suspension is not permitted.
    • Phishing or otherwise attempting fraud

      It is not okay to lie about who you are or whom you affiliate with to steal from, extort, or otherwise harm others.
    • Infringing on intellectual property

      You can't use Arigo products to make or disseminate work that uses the intellectual property of others beyond the bounds of fair use.
    • While our use restrictions are comprehensive, they can't be exhaustive — it's possible an offense could defy categorization, present for the first time, or illuminate a moral quandary we hadn't yet considered. That said, we hope the overarching spirit is clear: Arigo is not to be harnessed for harm, whether mental, physical, personal or civic. Different points of view — philosophical, religious, and political — are welcome, but ideologies like white nationalism, or hate-fueled movements anchored by oppression, violence, abuse, extermination, or domination of one group over another, will not be accepted here.

    Report Abuse

    Please report all abuse to us via email. Within the email please include as much information as possible with screenshots if possible. We aim to respond to all reports within 7 days.